Bracelet Sizes

To measure your wrist size, close your hand as if you were putting a bangle on and measure around the widest part of your knuckles to see which circumference would fit most comfortably.

The circumference is the length around the inside of the bracelet and the diameter is the distance between the two widest points of your measurement. Select the corresponding size on the product page from the available drop down box.

You could also measure a bangle you already have and know fits.

Oval bangles seem easier to get on and off than round ones too. 

Bangles galore 

I make bangles of all sizes and currently have bangles from 5.5cm diameter to 7.5cm in both round and oval shapes.

Each are hammered with a texture. They are priced on weight of silver, which unfortunately has increased. So are priced from £36 to £56 dependant upon the size. 

Made from either d shaped wire or round wire. 

I can add a hand  sawn  accent charm heart, circle with intial, four leaf clover, flower, and add stamped initials. Please ask for a price. 

Cuff bangles

Cuff bangles are thicker oblong silver and are thus a weightier item. Hallmarked  and hammered with textured hammers. 

Priced due to its weight and need for hallmarking.  Lovely slip on design unisex cuff bangles.