Term 2 week 3

Published on 29 January 2023 at 20:58

So this took a little more time than I thought. All handmade and assembled by me. Yes all that cutting and soldering and resoldering lol. The only thing I didn't make is the silver and stone. 
so does that make it hand assembled or hand crafted, or hand made. Well no mass producing machines were used. This is truly a one off. Although you might see similar being made this week by those on the diploma course. 
I had a discussion re handmade and it's value and not using it when you just assemble products.
So here's a definition which isn't legal but one I'll stick by. https://www.gblabels.co.uk/guides-what-qualifies-as-handmade-uk-law-and-industry-rules/


If I don't actually manufacture an item I'll tell you. The chains I use for my pendants are so fine and I don't have the skill to make them... and there are some Xmas items labelled as bought in and not handmade by me. 

well that's me off my soap box. 

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